Solutions for Digital Currency and Emerging Industries

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xbtBase Compliance

We specialize in technical and compliance solutions for digital currency companies and emerging industries

Compliance Programs and Standards

Anti-Money Laundering

Complete Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs and online training

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Know Your Customer

Comprehensive solutions for KYC and OFAC compliance

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Customer Identify (CIP)

Identity verification in the cloud or through API for KYC/CIP

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Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)

BSA compliance solutions, reporting, and registration.

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Compliance Solutions

Compliance Services

AML/KYC Program Design

Complete AML/KYC program design, testing, and training

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CIP/CDD On Demand

Identity Verification, OFAC screening, and business validation.

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Registration and Licensing

Federal registration, State licensing, and BitLicense compliance.

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Compliance Complete

Ongoing auditing, reporting, training, and account management.

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AML/BSA Compliance Policy and Program

The xbtBase AML/BSA program was designed specifically for digital currency and blockchain technology based companies.
The program melds emerging industries with traditional AML/BSA and KYC compliance standards, in a complimentary union.
Tailored for each organization, our program implements AML compliance and molds existing procedures into compliant controls.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Program and Compliance Cloud

Our KYC program was designed from the ground up specifically for emerging industries such as digital currency
Customers are onboarded and validated with real-time screening for OFAC complaince (OFAC, SDN, PEP, Etc..)
Compliance audits monitor customer activity and highlights red flags and reporting requirements

Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Compliance Cloud

Real-time CIP with Phone, Name, Address, and Identification numbe verification and capture
Altered image detection, facial recognition, OFAC compliance, and OCR for customer data capture
Additional fraud prevention screening for known criminals and probability AI

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Expertise

With our monthly full service compliance officer services, we'll take care of every aspect of compliance.
We'll handle workforce training, reporting, monitoring, policy updates, banking relations, and more.

Registration, Licensing, Bank Accounts, Incorporation, and Operations

We'll guide you through federal registration and State Licensing, but that's just the beginning.
We can guide you through the process of obtaining proper bank accounts that won't get shut down.
Let us get you setup with Exchange accounts, Corporate Remittence, and OTC, and help you handle issues when they arise.
Just starting out? No problem. We can help you through State and IRS filings for incorporation and EIN's.

New York Virtual Currency License (BitLicense) Applications

In New York or doing business there and not sure if you need a BitLicense? We can help.
By looking at your business model, we can make a determination if you need to apply for a BitLicense.
We can get you up to speed and get your application submitted so that you can continue to operate in compliance.

You can take the assessment test* to get an idea of yor requirements and review the application requirements.
This is available at no cost in our New York BitLicense application requirements guide. You can obtain a copy below.
*Assessment test located on Page 2

BitLicense Guide Download